Sur cette page vous trouverez des extraits de concerts filmés et des clips « faits maison » enregistrés live dans le salon de KILL GALLON.

Kill Gallon - The Mist (official clip)

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Kill Gallon - The Mist (official clip)

Kill Gallon - The Mist (original song)

Interview radio : Kill Gallon sur France Bleu Drôme-Ardèche

Kill Gallon - I heard the Angels singing (Eric Bibb) [live at Grotte Aven Armand]

Kill Gallon - Improvisation from the Bowels of the Earth [live extract at Grotte Aven Armand]

Kill Gallon - Pride & Joy (Live at Jazz à Vienne off) [SRV cover]

Kill Gallon - Come on in my Kitchen (Live at Hall Blues Club) [Robert Johnson cover]

Kill Gallon - These Boots are made for walking (live) [Nancy Sinatra acoustic cover]

Kill Gallon - Viper Mad (live) [Sidney Bechet cover]

Kill Gallon - Sam Hall (Live on St Patrick's Day) [Johnny Cash /The Dubliners cover]

Kill Gallon - Solo duel : guitar vs harmonica (live extract) [GoPro Hero5]

Kill Gallon - Down on the Corner CCR (Live extract) [GoPro Hero5]

Kill Gallon with Barefoot Iano (Mountain Men) - Pride & Joy (live extract)

Kill Gallon - I just want to make Love to you (acoustic cover)

Kill Gallon - Baby you gotta change your mind (Blind Boy Fuller)

Kill Gallon - Why don't you do right ? (Peggy Lee/Jessica Rabbit acoustic cover)

Kill Gallon - Pride & Joy (acoustic cover) Stevie Ray Vaughan SRV

Kill Gallon - Jambalaya (acoustic cover)